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    You can add your FZ by filling “Add a reply” and clicking “Post Reply” below this page. It is okay you upload the file(s) by clicking “Attach a file” or liking your image on the net.

    Here is my FZ750.
    FZR1000(3GM)’s front fork&wheel, R1’s front brake calipers, the FZR1000(2GH) rear end (the swingarm, the rear shock, the wheel, the brake), the one-off exhaust system, GPZ900R(Ninja)’s mirrors, Hurricane’s handlebars, the brake and clutch master cylinders of RC30(VFR750R), Givi’s higher windscreen.

    Scott Freeman

    Here is my mostly stock 86. Mods include: Hagon Shock, LE modified forks, EBC discs, HEL braided brake & clutch lines, K&N filter, Factory Pro jet kit, Barnett clutch kit, FJ1100 mirrors, Stock exhaust system (for the time being). Lots of OEM electrical, carb, brake and misc parts. Engine rebuilt to stock specs after the starter clutch began to fail.
    Now that its basically finished mechanically, time to strip it down for paint. The bike runs great, especially up in the mountains surrounding So. Calif. Have put about 25k miles on it including several multi-day rides here on the West Coast. It’s turned out to be a pretty comfortable sport-touring mount with a 200-mile range if I don’t get on it too bad. That’s good for getting to the twisty bits in Central Calif where I can let ‘er rip!

    Neil Hurlbut

    Here is my 1986 FZ.
    Had it about a year and absolutely love it.
    Although it doesn’t show in this photo, it now has an FZR1000 rear wheel and a 170 Dunlop tire on it. I have 65k kms on it (I’ve put 15k on it since I bought it last May)
    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
    Just waiting on paint so when it’s done it will look like this:
    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos


    My bike 1FM 1985 with original motor


    Honda CBR600 front forks in FZ750 yolks (2mm bigger bore 41mm) and brakes
    CBR400RR 17″ wheels, rear 180 width
    Modified original rear swingarm, aluminium caliper holder welded on it
    CBR600 rear shock in original FZ linkage (but I hate it)
    Front fender R6
    FZR1000 (2LA ??) stainless steel exhaust with leovince sbk muffler
    R1 Mirrors
    Acewell dashboard
    ABM superbike steer and plate
    R1 radial brake handle
    steel brake lines
    Dynatek coils and sparkplug wires/caps
    Other blinkers and led bulbs in the rear taillight
    removed speed limiter of course

    to do:
    a lot…..I have some nice parts laying, will make a new story later but something with bigger carbs, aircleaner box and other rear swingarm and shock.

    Ron Pisters

    my 1985 Yamaha FZ750 1FN, mostly stock, K&N filter, aftermarket exhaust and blinkers.


    Just picked this up a week ago, and it’s my 1st bike ever….lol

    It’s a running bike but I need to give it some TLC as it was neglected.

    Jaakko Kairtamo


    mine is build for Classic Road racing class F1.
    FZR1000(2LA) engine and exhaust
    Suzuki GSXR600 17 rims and brakes
    FZR1000 front forks
    Universal clip-ons (under triple)
    Poly26 fairings
    New rear shock (adjustable rebound and stifness)
    FZR1000 foot rests and rear brake cylinder

    Mark Foster

    Here’s my FZ750 1FM,it’s a japanese market model,twin headlights,flush filler cap & anti-dive forks as standard.
    I rebuilt it the other year,as it was showing it’s age.The engine required new shims.
    I had the bodywork resprayed & the frame powder coated.
    Bike has a Micron exhaust,I also have original exhaust system & a predator stainless steel system.
    Rear suspension has a Ohlins shock,the front is standard but I want to upgrade the forks.I’ve got a pair of ‘Blue spot’ brake calipers to fit & I want to fit 17″ wheels.I’ll post a photo when everything gets finished.

    #1 FZ

    This is my FZ that I bought new in July of 1985. It has 13,900 miles and the only mods to the bike are the Vance & Hines SS2R exhaust and K & N carb kit. Rear footpegs have been removed and I bought the factory rear seat cowl when I purchased the bike new.

    I still have the original airbox and rear footpegs, however the original exhaust is long gone. I am planning to get it out for some rides this summer for the first time in several years….time to clean out the carbs I guess 🙂

    Scott Kucera

    Scott, I may have an older Vance & Hines exhaust on my FZ700, but I can’t tell for sure because some careless person spray-painted the aluminum badge with silver paint. You wouldn’t happen to have a picture of the other side of your bike so I can see your V&H exhaust, would you?


    #1 FZ

    Sorry Scott for the delay…I have a pic of the side of my V&H exhaust can…not a full side shot of the bike though. Let me know if you need a better or more complete one to view.

    #1 FZ

    Scott, here is a better shot…


    I have an update, new metzeler roadtec Z8 tyres, and now running an K&N inlay filter and FZR1000 2LE carburettors. Running smooth and little more power.

    Scott Kucera


    Sorry that I didn’t notice when you put your pictures up promptly after I asked. I see them now. Thank you for putting them up. I do think I have a Vance & Hines exhaust on my bike, but older than yours and with the simpler, rectangular plate riveted on. The other details really look like mine, though.

    I envy your center stand too. I really wish FZ700’s came with that detail.



    This bike started life being raced in the ‘Superstock’ series in UK, hence all the trick bits. In 1995 I obtained it in a sorry state, the engine was in boxes, entirely in bits, every nut & bolt, along with a lot of spares. I paid £400. I sold some of the spares for a grand total of £395. I built the engine up then the rest of the bike. After a few test runs I was so impressed that I then made it street legal & registered it for its first time on a public road. A few months later (Winter) I stripped it down again to slowly rebuild it to its present state. I completed it in 1999, A few years later Yamaha used the same colour scheme on the R1… In 2010 I emigrated to Australia, along with FZ…. Oh yeah, it goes like f**k !!!
    If any of you can ID the spring loaded exhaust headers (Not the can- I made that) that would be most appreciated.

    Mods: ‘Dialled in’ camshafts. Gas flowed cylinder head. Gas flowed & modded carbs. Bell mouths. High comp pistons. Lightened & balanced crank. Deep race sump. Full free flow race exhaust. Spondon Alloy tank. Ducati 916 SPS seat unit & fittings. Dymag race wheels. AP Racing brakes front & rear. Cast iron discs. Proflex rear shock. Maxton fork internals. Steering damper. Rear sets. Renthal bars. Acewell digital speedo. Remote control ignition. Powder coated frame (Changes colour in sunlight) Pearlescent paint. Lots of polishing…

    Photo 1: May ’95 – Just purchased, longing for TLC
    Photo 2: July ’95 – First run after rebuild on a disused airfield.
    Photo 3: Dec ’99 – Awaiting the summer!

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