So i recently bought a 1987 Yamaha fz750 project bike for $500U.S. and im about done with it…. THE only problem is that when i bought it the guy said it needed a head gasket….SO i was okay. i paid for it and started to transform it from a ratrod BACK to original! It turns on but i dont want to start it for to long because of the problem. i havent got in the engine because im new to motorcycles and dont even know how to ride one!! This is my first bike and im determined to work on it. im 17 years old and i need help to take the head of and check if its warped or just needs the gasket.!

  1. Zoltan says:

    Hi mate. if you can get a compression tester to start with, and warm it up a little, remove plugs, test compression one at a time and compare. This will at least give you an indication…
    there’s no easy way to check for warp. you have to remove the head. However, i wonder, what are the symptoms? drop in power? oil in the water? (hole cooling system will need a very good clean) loss of water? zol

    • John says:

      18mm spark plug A/F size to remove ’em. Compression test then add 20-30 ml. oil to the cyl. and try again . You record readings and cyl.of reading A) dry. B) wet[with the oil.] 3 compressions should do on each cyl. Unfortunately these are a sophisticated but marvelous engine. Removing the radiator from its locatiuon and the fan will allow access to the plugs. Electrical andall the rest is follow your nose stuff but the tappets are CAUTION and cautious step by cautious step. Not hard but follow a manual or waste your machine guessing??? I cannot estimate your mechanical ability but DO NOT BE deterred . This is a very good project & the rewards are GOLDEN mate!