ive just got myself a good running fz 750 with the intention of changing the front and rear end to something newer.

ive done a few custom builds but really need some help with what rearend to put in it, ive got a 1999 r1 4xv front end im fitting which should be fairly straight foward, i also have the complete r1 rearend sitting there but understand it will be a pig to fit and cant find anyone thats completed this conversion.

i would much prefer fit a tried and tested rearend, ive seen alot of people seem to fit the fzr 1000 swingarm but havnt found start to finish details. what year to use? what year has a 17″ rear wheel? as some have 18″! do the sprockets need adjustment to line the chain?

any info would be a great help or a reply from someone thats done the conversion would be great!

cheers, vinnie.

  1. John says:

    So how did you get along with that job? I have a CBR 1000 F rear in my FZ 750. Looking at my ’09 swingarm from R1 for a swap. It will need the pivot cut out and push back 57mm reweld it in and cut 19mm from the Right Hand side of the pivot so it keeps the sprocket in line. Will run the CBR 17x 5.5″ rim R1 axle and change bearings for fitup.

  2. Ian says:

    The R1 arm is also much longer too which (i think ) will look wrong in an fz. Im breaking a 1fn with a trx850 rear end in it and have an ongoing project with a yzf750 rear, I can send pictures if you want?

    • vinnie says:

      that would be great ian, sorry for the delay in the reply but been busy building customers bikes so my fz still sitting there looking sad. done the stem conversion and spacing to the r1 4xv front end so gona start fitting it but still need advice, pics, stories of swinging arm swaps to help me on my way.
      many thanks, vinnie.

  3. arch says:

    Hi, vinnie.
    2GH(87 and 88 FZR1000) has a 18″ rear wheel and 3GM(89-) has a 17″ rear wheel. I installed the former and changed the sprockets at the same time. Many freaks have had the latter from the viewpoint of a tyre choice.

    • vinnie says:

      thanks arch thats a great help. ive got the r1 rearend sitting there ready but dont want to start fitting it if its gona be a pig. if the fzr 1000 rearend is simple to fit i might just wait for a later 17″ one to turn up.