Hi guys.recently my 750 cant shift gears properly. At times it will only move to third gear and that will be it. I would like to open gearbox myself but looks like for one to reach to the gears you have to strip open even the whole engin. Is that the case with an Fz 750?

  1. Andy O'Neill says:

    Before you split the cases have a look “behind the clutch basket” at the end of the gear shifter shaft that engages the shift drum. It can happen that the hooked ends on this break off and you may only have limited gear selection. If I am not mistaken this part can be replaced without dismantling the whole engine. If it does appear to be broken, important to find all the missing pieces!

    Good luck

  2. al says:

    Hi , yeah you have to tear it down to get to all the bolts just to split the case reach the gears… Get the book and take lots of pictures and make track of what you do and well your there you may as well rebuild with new components … clips/rings/gaskets .. its new for me but I am almost finished!