hey ya freaks! i need some answers! hope you fanatics could help me with my q’s.

so i have a 85 fz750 1fn. well at least thats what i could gather from reading some of the threads in this great forum. i have registered my vin and eng tag in the other thread but i dont exactly understand the differance between 1fn and 1ae!? ……..i think its different engine generations ? any way im in the slow slow painful broke ass restoration at the moment and i would like to get the frame pwder coated. my serial number is on a sticker on the right top of the frame! do guys just media blast this off? is there a stamping in the goose neck? friend of mine says there is. i dont want to lose this sticker. what do i do or whats the deal with pwd coating frames? see lots of questions! i m┬ánot very tech savy so im slow to load groose pics of my bike until i get something meaningful done!

  1. Mike says:

    thank ya sir! you confirmed my friends claims.as for the restoration on the bike i ll have a slow race with ya.very limited funds on my end, but “slow progress is better than no progress” rite!

  2. DanikH says:

    hey Mike im glad that we going tru similar restoration im actually planing get my frame sand blasted and powdercoated to soon! Will be nice see some pics of the proses u going tru with cha bicke. And i got a pic of my frame hope it will show here. and it looks like i have frame# on the sticker and stamping in the goose neck to! so i woulnd worry about the sticker!


    if it didnt show heres link for the pic