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    Hi there.

    My name is Dan, I’m from the UK and spend most of my free time working on various different projects from combat robots to theatre sets, and anything that goes fast enough to frighten.

    I’ve joined this forum as I’ve just bought myself a summer project that is about 60% of either an FZR750 or and FZ750 rearranged to fit inside a dirt buggy. I hope people don’t mind that I’m posting on here but I have a couple of questions about these bikes which I’ll save that for the other pages. (If I don’t get banned!)

    Here’s some picutre of the buggy and egnine.




    Graham Beale

    Looks like an FZ lump from those pictures. What advice do you need?


    All I really needed to know what it was! I was told it was from a 1991 FZR750 but the chaps on the FZR forums said it looked more like a FZ750 so I came here.

    I need to get my hands on a manual for the bike so I can piece the wiring loom back together, but the only manual I can find is for bikes built between 1985 – 1987. My knowledge of bike engines isn’t very good, do you think I’ll be able to use the diagrams in these manuals, or are there ones for the 1991 model?

    Thanks for your help




    The plate on the engine reads *1FN-000471* if that helps.

    Graham Beale

    1FN denotes 85-87 model. Clymer manual has wiring diagrams for all models as I recall so you should be okay regardless of which engine you have. I can’t say for definite but wouldn’t have thought there were many or even any differences between the FZR750 engine & the FZ one other than the fact yours is an early model so should have 2 crank sensor (one either side of engine casings) & later 2MG engine only had 1.


    Thanks for your help Graham. I shall pick up a Clymer manual and get started.

    First thing I think it to brace the engine properly, it’s currently only held on by the 2 mounts at the back of the engine and one of those is just a coach bolt!

    Graham Beale

    Any time mate. You can also email me if it helps? Are you sure the engine is a good one? Would hate for you to waste loads of time making it fit if it doesn’t even work. Do you have everything needed for it to run, carbs, ecu, exhaust, radiator, loom etc?
    Where in the UK are you?


    I was told the engine is a strong runner, but then I was also told is was from a 91 FZR750! I’m a student with lots of spare time and little spare money so I’ll do my best to get this engine to work this summer, I have a friend whose’s a mechanic coming over on Sunday so I’ll get him to have a look at it..

    As far as I know I have everything I need other than a sprocket, tank, air filters and the hoses / cables. I believe the loom is complete but it is a bit of a mess!

    The buggy is at home in Suffolk, but I’m studying the Sheffield so I’ll be back and forth between those two for the next couple of months.


    well i just did a rewire on the fz and with a lot of theory and study found it a doddle to wire up the ignition and starter.Your mechanic mate shall have it running in 2 hours. its just a solid state ign. with crank signal, igniter……usual bits.earth the coils well and the only reason for a diagram is a want of a circuit tester. coils run 1-3 & 2-4 cyl. as you may have figured. Many FZ Genesis motors wind up in buggys due to the fear factor on two wheels but its to bloody powerful and leggy for a go cart so the result is worse than m/cycle shock factor. Hammer the 4-10K rpm range with (reported by Yamaha) 105 H.P. available, it will not disappoint . Unlike its destroyer who savaged the original. There is an FZR that shares the same motor as FZ so check the engine code if it hasn’t been grinded off. 2LM is the first FZR I understand.Fz are 1FN,then a whole bunch of numbers to 2MG & 3?? not sure but you’ll find it on this site if you look about. Break a leg.


    After 2 months of work I thought I was about a week from firing the engine, but I’ve hit a number of problems that I could use some help with.

    1. I think the chap who sold me the buggy may have ‘misplaced’ the CDI unit. I also can’t locate any of the following:

    • Clutch switch
    • Fuel and . . . switches (locate on the left side of the wiring diagram just below the AC generator, they go into the main relay and the high beam blub ) My diagram’s missing hal the name
    • CDI unit
    • Sender
    • Thermo switch
    • Temperature gauge
    • Oil light
    • Thermo unit

    Which are necessary for the engine to run and which can be by-passed?

    2. Does the thermostat housing and cap mean there’s no need for an expansion tank? And would any thermostat & cap that fits work or is it FZ750 specific?

    3. On my diagram I have decided to earth each component individually rather than run them all back to the negative leg on the battery will this be OK?

    4. I assume that like a car ignition a motorbike key turns 2 clicks before pushing to a third? If so will I be able to wire it so that the first 2 clicks can be operated by one ON/OFF toggle and the 3rd by a push to make missile switch (from an actual fighter jet!)

    5. From looking at various pictures online I believe the hydraulic clutch pipework enters the engine just in front of the spur gear, all I have is a rod that slides in an out of the gearbox. I have a spare brake master cylinder will that work, and how to I plumb it in?

    6. The wiring diagram I have is for a single pick-up model, my engine has two is the wiring drastically different as I can’t find a diagram anywhere online for my model.


    Some pictures of my progress and problems.

    1. Getting the buggy off the stands with no one at home
    2. Angling the engine without an engine hoist
    3. All the electronic components I have
    4. Dash
    5. The clutch
    6. My attempt at a stripped back wiring diagram


    Thought you might enjoy my mini BBQ. An on going project I finally managed to get done since I got stuck on the buggy.


    Wiring . . I have just put a 89 2mg engine into a 86 1fn frame. The 1fn has 2 pick ups and the 2mg only has a single pickup. The ign boxes are different, but the looms are pretty much the same with the exception that the large wiring connector to the ignition box uses the same colour wires but in different positions. I bought a 2mg ign box and altered the position of the wires from the1fn loom in the large connector block to suit the 2mg box. Fired it up today and all is good. Everything works as it should. I’m no professor at this but spent many hours trying to suss it and it works. I have some wiring diagrams here if you get stuck. My 86 1fn engine used ign TDI 14-39 1AE-10 My 89 2MG engine used ign TDI 14-56 2MG-10 Hope this may be of some help to you.

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