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    Danny Christensen

    Hi Freaks 😉
    I have just bought a FZ750 from 1995 (1990 model according to the frame nr.) with 18500km on the clock, looking like it just had left the factory yesterday 🙂
    But its from Switzerland, because of their noise regulations it is restricted, so it only have 75bhp (still 750ccm motor) and not 100bhp like my 1987 (2KK).
    Does anyone knows which parts there are different, so I can make it to a “normal” european model?

    Best Regards


    Jukka Häyrinen

    Hello! Well congratz for a great find B-) I dunno exactly, but there might be at least one blocked hole in the air take of the airbox. Also it surely has too little main jets. Probably smth wrong in the exhaust maybe too..?

    Hehe, I remember when I saw a Swiss FZ750 (red one) here in North-Karelia in Finnland, in a little village called Juuka.. It must have been around ’86 – ’87, in the time when I was riding my R5 350 B-) Yea it actually was (is) the model B to be exact. Anyway, the red FZ was parked together with another Swiss bike in the parking ‘lot’ of our bank, and a Swiss looking guy was sitting on it. I of course didn’t know at the time that it would be restricted, found out about it years later probably.. 😉

    Danny Christensen

    Hi Jukka
    Thanks for the reply, I now know about the main jets, it is probably 105/102 and my 1987 has (what I remember) 107/105. The airbox there can be a rubber membrane and smaller holes in the top (looks like a snorkel) on my own its a small dividing wall, the swiss model should be about 1-1,5cm thick. The exhaust I’m still can’t get a prober answer about 🙂 somebody says it the same part number as my own 1987 bike, others says the exhaust is restricted.
    But maybe I just ride it as it is, because the condition its so beutiful compared to my own bike. (the new bike seriosly looks like it was produced yesterday) 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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