Home Forums Re: what did you do for more engine performance?


I’m wondering what people do to get more performance out of the original 750cc engine
(so not replacement with 1000cc and so on.)

I have already nice Dynatek coils which are perform quick starting and better throttle reaction, an FZR1000 2LA exhaust header with leovince sbk muffler, and nowadays mounted a 2LE 36mm carb set. Which is giving me more response and overall performance, specially on low and high rpm. Middle less but better than original.
Did nothing on the jets or needles, and running with original airbox.
The carbs fitted in the original intake rubbers and airbox rubbers.
I have ordered an replacement K&N aircleaner, maybe it gives me a bit more performance than now.

I’m wondering If someone has better TCI / CDI ignitions for higher rmp?