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Mark Harrison

I am an FZ750 fan and have been for over 25 years. My ’88 version is a 2MG model, is pretty much as it left the factory and I have had it since new. Done some mods in the past but it is back to standard now apart from a smoked screen. It is the red/white model and has covered just under 20k now. I put it away when the kids came along but now they are getting bigger I can get out on it out now and again. Let me know if you need any photos of this model and I will see what I can do. We have a basic camera but I am not sure what resolution or how many pixels it is. I am in Devon and am willing to let you have or take some pictures if it helps. I have some from our trip to France this summer and some previous exploits too. It is obviously not one of the first models but I still love it. If I can be of any help get in touch. Best wishes Mark