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My bike 1FM 1985 with original motor


Honda CBR600 front forks in FZ750 yolks (2mm bigger bore 41mm) and brakes
CBR400RR 17″ wheels, rear 180 width
Modified original rear swingarm, aluminium caliper holder welded on it
CBR600 rear shock in original FZ linkage (but I hate it)
Front fender R6
FZR1000 (2LA ??) stainless steel exhaust with leovince sbk muffler
R1 Mirrors
Acewell dashboard
ABM superbike steer and plate
R1 radial brake handle
steel brake lines
Dynatek coils and sparkplug wires/caps
Other blinkers and led bulbs in the rear taillight
removed speed limiter of course

to do:
a lot…..I have some nice parts laying, will make a new story later but something with bigger carbs, aircleaner box and other rear swingarm and shock.