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Jukka Häyrinen

Hello! Well congratz for a great find B-) I dunno exactly, but there might be at least one blocked hole in the air take of the airbox. Also it surely has too little main jets. Probably smth wrong in the exhaust maybe too..?

Hehe, I remember when I saw a Swiss FZ750 (red one) here in North-Karelia in Finnland, in a little village called Juuka.. It must have been around ’86 – ’87, in the time when I was riding my R5 350 B-) Yea it actually was (is) the model B to be exact. Anyway, the red FZ was parked together with another Swiss bike in the parking ‘lot’ of our bank, and a Swiss looking guy was sitting on it. I of course didn’t know at the time that it would be restricted, found out about it years later probably.. 😉