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    i will register there….i hate registering on every site haha.


    I have an update, new metzeler roadtec Z8 tyres, and now running an K&N inlay filter and FZR1000 2LE carburettors. Running smooth and little more power.


    maybe this vid can help you, something similar


    at least the muffler likes ok 🙂
    r1 oem carbon? sounds well!!


    I have 1FM with dual pickups.
    I’m also busy with a 911 engine, but the valves need to be cleaned, replaced and shimmed well.
    I don’t have any time to do that, an no money for let doin it. I will get a valve plier first, and will see then….but also like to put more performance on the original engine.

    i read about the eddy lawsons bike, which had 38 mm carbs, special intakes on the carbs, hitachi LAE-70, dry clutch and probably more mods, which get 120 hp @ 12.800 rpm


    I’m wondering what people do to get more performance out of the original 750cc engine
    (so not replacement with 1000cc and so on.)

    I have already nice Dynatek coils which are perform quick starting and better throttle reaction, an FZR1000 2LA exhaust header with leovince sbk muffler, and nowadays mounted a 2LE 36mm carb set. Which is giving me more response and overall performance, specially on low and high rpm. Middle less but better than original.
    Did nothing on the jets or needles, and running with original airbox.
    The carbs fitted in the original intake rubbers and airbox rubbers.
    I have ordered an replacement K&N aircleaner, maybe it gives me a bit more performance than now.

    I’m wondering If someone has better TCI / CDI ignitions for higher rmp?


    my fz is grey imported out of japan to the netherlands, dunno of it says something about the framenumber, and missing motor number? clear blank.


    My bike 1FM 1985 with original motor


    Honda CBR600 front forks in FZ750 yolks (2mm bigger bore 41mm) and brakes
    CBR400RR 17″ wheels, rear 180 width
    Modified original rear swingarm, aluminium caliper holder welded on it
    CBR600 rear shock in original FZ linkage (but I hate it)
    Front fender R6
    FZR1000 (2LA ??) stainless steel exhaust with leovince sbk muffler
    R1 Mirrors
    Acewell dashboard
    ABM superbike steer and plate
    R1 radial brake handle
    steel brake lines
    Dynatek coils and sparkplug wires/caps
    Other blinkers and led bulbs in the rear taillight
    removed speed limiter of course

    to do:
    a lot…..I have some nice parts laying, will make a new story later but something with bigger carbs, aircleaner box and other rear swingarm and shock.


    My FZ750 1FM has nog engine number, also not on the papers. is a grey import out of japan.
    Framenumber is 1FM001294

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)