Last update: Oct 13, 2003

English sites
Chris's Fz Arena A race manual is useful.
Derren's Homepage Some pix.
KEVS Homepage Some custom tips and his FZ Project.
Raven's 1985 FZ750 Page The Customized FZ.
Sean Harbours FZ750 Yamaha Motorcycle Wiki Tips are very useful.
Shoe's Motorcycle Homepage Three modified FZs.
Tony Tice's Homepage Many customized machines for racing.

Japanese sites
FZ750 Owners Club BBS is very active.
Suzume's Nest There are some useful data.
jam's Factory How to modify the FZ.
Goose's Area Gauloises Blue is cool!
Factory MASA!! Take a look at Lawson's FZ!

German site
FZ750 Homepage Sorry I can't read German.

Dutch site
Yamaha FZ750 Also available in English.

Held in the UK.  Many 80s bikes. Many pix including the FZs. Written in Japanese.

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