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Jukka Häyrinen

OK, got tonight confirmation to my feeling of more power; TDM 900 was left behind a lot faster now in a drag race 😉 The cause was also helped by the lost weight during the drag race; side stand parted ways with the rest of the bike at about 200 km/h 😀 My friend stopped to search it (he saw the departure), and I joined into the search, but we couldn’t find it. I wonder if it would be possible to make the side stand out of aluminium.. This friend of mine works in a welding company, so he maybe could help in the making.. Anyway, found also that I have 122,5 & 125 & 130 & 142,5 main jets in the kitchen closet, I’ll try those too starting from the smallest ones.

Addendum to the 3k problem: if going 3k @ 3rd or 4th gear, twisting gas makes the bike accelerate somewhat ok, unlike @ 6th when nothing happens.