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This bike started life being raced in the ‘Superstock’ series in UK, hence all the trick bits. In 1995 I obtained it in a sorry state, the engine was in boxes, entirely in bits, every nut & bolt, along with a lot of spares. I paid £400. I sold some of the spares for a grand total of £395. I built the engine up then the rest of the bike. After a few test runs I was so impressed that I then made it street legal & registered it for its first time on a public road. A few months later (Winter) I stripped it down again to slowly rebuild it to its present state. I completed it in 1999, A few years later Yamaha used the same colour scheme on the R1… In 2010 I emigrated to Australia, along with FZ…. Oh yeah, it goes like f**k !!!
If any of you can ID the spring loaded exhaust headers (Not the can- I made that) that would be most appreciated.

Mods: ‘Dialled in’ camshafts. Gas flowed cylinder head. Gas flowed & modded carbs. Bell mouths. High comp pistons. Lightened & balanced crank. Deep race sump. Full free flow race exhaust. Spondon Alloy tank. Ducati 916 SPS seat unit & fittings. Dymag race wheels. AP Racing brakes front & rear. Cast iron discs. Proflex rear shock. Maxton fork internals. Steering damper. Rear sets. Renthal bars. Acewell digital speedo. Remote control ignition. Powder coated frame (Changes colour in sunlight) Pearlescent paint. Lots of polishing…

Photo 1: May ’95 – Just purchased, longing for TLC
Photo 2: July ’95 – First run after rebuild on a disused airfield.
Photo 3: Dec ’99 – Awaiting the summer!