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A little word on gaskets.. Visit a motor factor & buy a sheet of gasket paper, and some hole punches, then make your own, very easy. O rings for the water pipes, induction, pick ups etc, maybe buy a kit of o rings, from a hydralic supplier etc. The ‘special’ Yamaha gasket sealant for the crankcase is actually clear silicone bathroom sealant from any hardware store- honestly!, (just smell it) check the numbers on the tube( BS No’s in UK) I have used this stuff for years – no problems. This stuff is also great for sealing exhaust pipe joints, it does not burn, when you have to split the exhaust in future, it just peels off. (Used in Kart racing for years) As for the head gasket, best to buy new, but I have split these in the past by drilling the rivetted sections, removed all the teflon from the stainless steel and recoated with Blue Hylamar, allowed to dry, then assembled, again no probs.

If your thinking of recoating/painting the engine before reassembly, try using spray cans of Gasket Remover, this stuff strips the powder coating used on the engine…

Good luck!!